What is the study about? 

As you may know, good sleep is important for daytime functioning. In our program of research, we study the extent that nightly sleep contributes to next day emotional wellbeing. For example, you have probably heard someone explain that their mood on a given day, positive or negative, is at least in part due to the quality of sleep they experienced the night prior. While sleep and emotions are most certainly linked, much is still unknown about what it is about sleep that drives this association. In this study, we will have participants engage in a number of home-based and laboratory activities so that we can better understand this phenomenon. 

Why participate?

As many as 50% of Americans will, at some point in their lifetime, experience one or several nights of problems falling or staying asleep, which typically contributes to next day experiences of mood disturbance. We also know that many individuals with emotional difficulties (e.g., depression) often experience sleep difficulties, and the combination of these difficulties can contribute to significant distress and functional impairment. By particpating in this study, you can help us to better understand how and why sleep factors into daily mood and behavior, as well as how sleep impacts ongoing emotional difficulties. Ultimately, this research may help us identify ways to improve treatments for individuals with sleep and/or emotional difficulties. 

Are participants paid?

YES! Participants can receive up to $85 for their participation. Compensation is awarded once participants complete the second and final lab visit. 

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