What's involved?


This research is conducted over four consecutive days. It involves two separate visits to our lab at the Univesity of Utah, as well as three nights of minimally invasive activity monitoring using a wrist activity watch (akin to a FitBit). 

Lab Visit #1 (Day 1, 1.5 hours)

For this visit, eligible partiicpants will report to the lab to complete several surveys on the computer about emotions, behaviors, and other aspects of mental/physical health, as well as sit down with one of our researchers to answer questions about current/past mental health and sleep functioning. Participants will then be oriented to the home-based activity monitoring, and given instructions for how to operate the activity monitoring watch and complete the sleep surveys. 

Activity monitoring (Night 1-Day 4)

Participants will be asked to wear an activiity monitoring bracelet (akin to a FitBit) for three nights while they sleep. This is so we can have an objective measure of sleep. In addition, participants are tasked with completing very brief surveys about the quality of their sleep each morning.  





Lab Visit #2 (Day 4, 2 hours)

Particiants will then return to the lab to complete additional surveys on the computer. They will then be expected to participate in a videotaped speaking task while wearing non-invasive sensors that measure the body's changes related to emotions. 


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